Exhibiting at the Lois wagner gallery
15 east 71st street, suite 2a, nyc
Preview, January 26, 4-8pm

The Masculine Observed

Master Drawings in New York and Dessin Au Quartier Drouot in Paris are proving grounds of sorts.  Day to day efforts of finding, understanding, and placing value on works in our keeping are put to a test.  We, like our colleagues, anticipate, expect scrutiny.  We strive to be correct, with the help of many.   

When we first sought inclusion in MDNY, organizers asked about our curatorial ideas.  From inventory on hand  we organized The Feminine Observed.  Last year we presented Small Wonders, drawings in small formats.  Before hanging that exhibit, we were already buying for The Masculine Observed.  As always, we bought what moved us aesthetically, without a narrative in mind, with faith that a story would unfold.  One piece at a time, from Amsterdam, Bologna, Paris, the United States, and elsewhere, the works presented themselves.  Around October,  responding to a group of drawings commemorating Napoleonic battles, John O'Brien, at Stanhope's Framers uttered the phrase, "The contested field."  Hearing it, a supporter sent Shakespeare's famous Crispin's Day speech. -- "...But if it be a sin to covet honour,  I am the most offending soul alive...."  

A narrative began to evolve.  From portraits, mythological and biblical scenes, and depictions of everyday life, the masculine could be perceived as creative, courageous, brutal, loyal, honorable, brave, reliable, fierce, committed, proud, revered, saintly, ascetic, tempted, tired, grotesque, flawed, and repentant.  We hope that viewers will share our appreciation of the work and reflect upon the times that produced them. 

The works are by or attributed to Antoine-Jean Gros,  Ubaldo Gandolfi, Francesco Salvator Fontebasso, Francesco Allegrini, Werner Kubler, Sebastien LeClerc, Bernard Picart, Gioacchino Assereto, Giovanni Guerra,  Jean-Baptiste Isabey,  Barent Fabritius, Pietro Novelli, Aureliano Milani,  Pedro Atanasio Bocanegra, and others still demanding time for fuller understanding.  We're still cataloging and updating this page, and, yes,  we're already buying to support our idea for next year.  We  hope to see you in NY. Until then, here are some highlights: