bastille day exhibits

Each year on Bastille Day we host an exhibition of works by an artist new to us that we think deserves a larger platform, a wider audience.  Fate, it seems, puts them in our path.   Presently, we have works still available from the artists who have kindly allowed us to exhibit their works thus far--Paul Inglis and André-Marie Ricoux.  Paul currently lives in Somerville, MA.  André-Marie lives in Paris, France.

Our work from Paul demonstrates his interest in the bridges of Boston, particularly those in the Fort Point Channel District.  John O’Brien, a colleague and fellow artist, wrote about his work, “These paintings are about bridges as much as Morandi’s paintings are about bottles.  The bridge is a point of entry into a world of seeing, a metaphor.  Reflected in the work is a resoluteness of inquiry, perhaps even a stubbornness of purpose, that insists that this little corner of the world is worth seeing and seeing again.” Only four remain.

Ricoux employs Daoist principles "Empty Space" and "Qi" in his paintings of Normandy.  Olivier Rasimi, a novelist and friend, writes that viewers of Ricoux's work "partake in a magnificent, yet intimate, communion, where out of chaos comes natural order, where color and light unify, leading to introspection and a state of satisfaction."

We have someone in our sights for 2018.  Stay tuned.