Our Story

Découvert, when used as a French verb, means discovered — an apt word to describe our gallery comprised primarily of drawings.  We constantly strive to improve our inventory and our understanding of it. We are grateful beyond words to the independent historians, scholars in universities, curators of works on paper in museums, drawing specialists in major auction houses, art dealer colleagues, and knowledgeable collectors for their help in our efforts.  We consider their guidance, offered amid busy schedules and work obligations, to be a point of grace, and we help others whenever we can. We exhibit regularly at the Boston International Art Show and Master Drawings in New York.

Our Bastille Day Artist series introduces living artists that we think deserve a larger platform for their work.  Look for this page in early July.

Browse freely.  If a piece grabs your heart -- speaks to your personal aesthetic -- write, call, or stop by.

Mssrs. Steven Law and Donald Stroud,  Decouvert Fine Art, 73 Main Street, Rockport, Massachusetts 01966, 978 546-3350, slaw3895@gmail.com.